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Dr. Deborah Kerby, Ed.D 

Teacher, Writer, Lover of Learning

This site contains resources from High School pages I used to teach. It is still a work in process. If there is something that was only my old site that you cannot find here, please contact my email

Dr. Kerby is now happily ensconced at Tobyhanna Elementary School.

Course Websites

Computer Literacy
Personal Finance
Web Design

Elementary-level Resources


Published Work

Dissertation: A Study of Students in Transition from Cyber School to Traditional Community College Education
Distracted Learning research: Educator Perceptions of Digital Devices: Multitasking and Distractions in the Classroom
Blog: 5 Minutes in the Mind of an Educator
Chapter 19: Staying Positive in the K-12 Classroom
Youtube Channel

Dr. Kerby's Words of Wisdom

  1. Show up for your life, and live each day fully.
  2. Find the joy in all situations.
  3. Don’t take things personally.
  4. Forgive.
  5. Avoid debt where you can.
  6. Play as hard as you work.